Pedagogical Music Education Resources that I use:

Barry Harris Method (for Jazz): When I teach Jazz, I use this method. Barry Harris is the foremost educator in Jazz, and the most credible. I’ve gone to the best Jazz College in the world (Berklee) and I believe Barry is the best Jazz educator around. He has codified the bebop language in the most authentic and practical manner. His list of performance credits is staggering and he has taught many of the most influential musicians.

C.P.E. Bach’s Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments: An authoritative source on thorough-bass, improvisation in the Baroque and Galant idiom. Very foundational for my system of theory.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier:

For Jazz study there is extensive listening to musicians such as Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Barry Harris, Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner and others.

For Classical study, J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven,  Chopin, Wagner, Debussy are favorites of study.

For Contemporary music, there is much listening to stylistic genres and the masters of each respective genre. For instance, Stevie Wonder is a common artist used for analysis.

Technical Resources I use for the show:

Audacity: My main audio editing software that’s completely free and really easy to use.

Call Recorder for Skype: Excellent piece of software that works with Skype to record a guest’s audio track directly from Skype.

The Social Target: For online marketing I enlist the help of these guys, who are excellent at helping curate my social media presence online. I think they do a fantastic job and if you’re thinking of getting some help with your social media, I highly recommend them!