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Legendary Emmy award-nominated Hollywood composer, arranger & producer | Dr. Joseph Curiale

Legendary Emmy award-nominated Hollywood arranger, composer and producer Dr. Joseph Curiale is on the show today!

As a composer, arranger, and producer of music for film, TV, audio recordings, and live performances, with nearly thirty years experience in Hollywood, Dr. Joseph Curiale has worked with more than 100 artists, from Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Santana, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.

The first staff songwriter in Columbia Pictures’ history, with an exclusive six-year contract, Joseph also composed, arranged, and produced music for nearly 100 TV shows, popular recordings, and such hit movies as Steve Martin’s Roxanne, receiving the first of several gold and platinum records for his contribution to the #1 motion picture soundtrack, Breakin’ (Breakdance), which introduced break dancing to the world.

We talk about how he developed his talents from childhood, his work on the Tonight Show, working as a staff songwriter for Columbia Pictures, working with Michael Jackson, his acclaimed orchestral work, and much, much more!

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